John Torode cooks up controversy over tartare sauce pronunciation

MasterChef star John Torode has cooked up controversy with his pronunciation of tartare sauce, just a week after viewers berated him for referring to blackberries as brambles.
First 'brambles', now this: John TorodeFirst 'brambles', now this: John Torode
First 'brambles', now this: John Torode

Torode was appraising contestant Alison's invention test using leftover halibut when he hailed her home-made condiment.

Viewer Marie Holt was quick to notice his unusual pronunciation when she wrote on Twitter: "#MasterChefUK what the heck is tartear sauce John?" while Valerie said: "Torode, wtf is "tart air" sauce? #MasterChefUK" and James Horton added: "Serious question - did @JohnTorode1 just say 'Tartair' just to annoy @piersmorgan?? #MasterChefUK"

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Morgan had previously criticised the Australian judge for using the word bramble instead of blackberry on the show, after Torode said he was using the Scottish term.

He said: "We don't judge what we call food on what the Scots call it. These are blackberries. I will fight for the right to call them blackberries. I won't have you, an Australian, citing Scots, ordering me to call them brambles."

In the episode on Wednesday evening yurt builder Faye was given the chop after she failed to win over Torode and Gregg Wallace with her savoury millefeuille, narrowly losing out in a close race with Brodie and his duck curry.

After she received the news, she said: "I'm gutted but to go out against those three guys, I'm absolutely cool with that.

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"I'm proud. Not that many people get to this point. It's just a once in a lifetime opportunity, I've had the best time."

Earlier Faye had led the charge as the amateur chefs were split into two teams to cook meals for the 60 members of the cast and crew of Holby City.

One team knocked up roasted halibut topped with langoustine, served with butter bean mash and a langoustine bisque for the BBC show staff, while another cooked roasted duck breast, butternut squash puree, a duck leg bonbon and cavolo nero.

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