Jail for pensioner who glassed partner

A drunken pensioner who flung a glass at his partner, leaving her covered in blood after it smashed on her head, is behind bars for 16 months.

Michael Creggon, 68, had injured Faye Muir, an insulin dependent diabetic, after an all-day drinking session, in which she was said to have thrown a glass at him first. Creggon then hurled a glass across the room as police were trying to arrest him, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The hearing was told the couple had a volatile relationship, with alcohol and police call-outs featuring heavily. Creggon had struck just a month after he was given a 16 month jail term, suspended for two years, for arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered. He had accidentally set the sofa alight when the pair were drunk.

Miss Muir, the court heard, still wanted to marry the defendant and it seemed they couldn’t live together, but couldn’t live apart.

Creggon has a record for violence and 106 previous offences. The defendant, of Newfield Drive, Nelson, had admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on April 22, in breach of the suspended term imposed in March and had been committed for sentence by magistrates.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker told the court shortly before 8pm, the emergency services received a phone call from the defendant.

The operator cancelled the call due to line difficulties and rang him back. She asked what was wrong, he replied nothing, but the operator could hear a woman screaming. He was asked again what the problem was and answered: ”She threw something at me. I have thrown it back. It broke.” Creggon confirmed he was referring to his “wife,” Faye and continued: “She’s been at me all day. She threw a glass at me. I threw it back at her and it broke on her head. Her head is split, she needs an ambulance.”

Mr Parker said two police officers attended and the defendant at first appeared calm. They found Miss Muir sitting on the sofa, covered in blood, holding a tissue to her head. The wound was bleeding heavily. They told Creggon he was under arrest and he became agitated and said “I’m not coming with you.” The officers described him as drunk and slurring his words. The defendant then became aggressive and was parva sprayed. More officers arrived and Creggon threw a glass across the room. He was handcuffed and taken to the police station.

The prosecutor said Miss Muir told police they had been arguing all day. She had continued “I threw a glass at him this afternoon, but not tonight. He went upstairs and fell asleep, then he came down and threw a glass at me.” Mr Parker continued :” She told police she wasn’t getting him charged and she would not give a statement and she went on to say she would not go to court.” Creggon, who had previous convictions for assault and police assault, was questioned and denied the allegation.

Mark Stuart, in mitigation, said both Creggon and Miss Muir undoubtedly drank too much and both had medical difficulties as a result, but it hadn’t stopped them.

The barrister continued “He got the suspended sentence. The problem is, it didn’t stop him drinking. “Mr Stuart said it was one blow, albeit with a weapon. Creggon had been on an alcohol awareness course whilst on remand.

Mr Stuart added “They had planned to get get married later this year. Miss Muir tells me she wants to get married to him. If they both stopped drinking, I am sure there would be no problem.”