Jail for brothers who terrorised former business associate in road rage attack

TWO brothers who terrorised a former business associate in a road rage melee over an alleged debt have been jailed.

Financial adviser Mohammed Syed (31) and Farhan Syed (24) targeted Fakhar Ahmed when he had his two young children in the car, blocking him in and attacking the vehicle.

The victim was very frightened by the trouble and his children must have been petrified, Burnley Crown Court heard.

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Mohamed Syed, who had a long criminal record, had just been given a suspended prison sentence and his co-defendant had just been released from nine months’ custody, imposed for lying to a judge.

Mohammed Syed claimed Mr Ahmed had not paid back money he had loaned him and he had lost his temper.

The brothers, of Whalley Road, Simonstone, had admitted affray.

Allegations of making a threat to kill and possessing an imitation firearm were left to lie on the file.

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Mohammed Syed was given 12 months for the offence and a judge activated eight months of the suspended term.

Farhan Syed, who has an “almost identical” offence on his record, was given 15 months.

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Recorder David Eccles told the pair their behaviour had been “utterly unacceptable and frightening” and went on: “It doesn’t seem to me that either of you have learned your lesson.”

The judge added: “There are mechanisms for recovering money through the civil courts.” Recorder Eccles said of Mohammed Syed: “You look at his record and see this is a man who says ‘I don’t give a monkey’s’.”

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Sarah Statham (prosecuting) said, on July 3rd, Mr Ahmed was driving towards Nelson, at 8-15 p.m. He was a former business associate of Mohammed Syed and their association had ended acrimoniously.

He saw Farhan Syed in a black BMW on a forecourt and the defendant, who was at the wheel, followed him. There was no suggestion the defendants were lying in wait.

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Mr Ahmed became worried as the BMW was overtaking other vehicles and the victim stopped near a garage. As he did so the BMW pulled in front of him and blocked his way out.

Miss Statham said both defendants got out and Mr Ahmed would say he could feel they were trying to get into his vehicle. He could feel his car being kicked and punched and was so anxious he reversed and tried to get round the BMW. The defendants got back in their car and prevented Mr Ahmed from driving away from traffic lights at Lomeshaye Road, Nelson.

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A police officer saw two men from a BMW blocking the victim’s car and alerted colleagues. Eventually Mr Ahmed managed to drive his family away and reported the incident to the police. The defendants were later arrested.

Mohammed Syed had been given 10 months in prison, suspended for two years in May, after being convicted of dangerous driving and excess alcohol following a police chase. Farhan Syed was sent to custody for nine months in January.

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Mark Stuart, for Mohammed Syed, said he had never lost his liberty before. The offence was nasty, hot headed, in temper and impulsive and had put his liberty in jeopardy. He wanted to speak to Mr Ahmed about the money, but went about it in a wholly inappropriate manner.

The barrister added: “He has brought a county court action about this matter, which is what he should have done in the first place.”

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For Farhan Syed, Philip Holden said he had served the equivalent of almost eight months in custody. He was also involved in the family business and was described by probation as a well balanced and ambitious young man.