Investgation launched after five-year-old finds drugs in her home

A couple were 'absolutely fuming' when a five-year-old child discovered what is believed to be heroin in her home.
The burglars were found by police using the Find My iPhone app.The burglars were found by police using the Find My iPhone app.
The burglars were found by police using the Find My iPhone app.

Little Lily Cottam found a clear plastic bag on the stairs at her home on Railway Street in Chorley and asked her mum Rebeccca Barlow, 27, what it was. Rebecca took the bag from her and saw it contained what is believed to be two wraps of heroin.

She called the police and an officer took away the bag to be destroyed. An investigation was launched.

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Mum-of-six Rebecca and her partner Sean Kelly say the package did not belong to them. They believe it had been left there by contractors doing work at the property that day on behalf of housing association Your Housing Group.

Sean, who has a seven-month-old son with Rebecca and does not live at the house, said they were “absolutely fuming” to discover the bag.

And he says it was lucky that Lily or one of the other children did not open the bag and put the contents in their mouth. Sean said: “We don’t take drugs, we don’t even drink – our lives revolve around our kids. Finding this in our house could have had really tragic consequences.”

They contacted Your Housing Group to report what had happened. But Sean, 29, says the same contractors returned to the house on Friday, more than a week later, to resume the work.

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“I told them to pack their kit up and leave. I didn’t let them in,” he said. “I was horrified and insulted.”

He said they are now looking for somewhere else to live.

A spokesman for Your Housing Group said: “This matter is under investigation by the police and Your Housing Group is co-operating fully with officers during their enquiries. Our housing team has been in contact with our tenant Miss Barlow and will remain in regular contact for the duration of this investigation.”

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