Huge boost in British online sales for US Powerball lottery tickets

This week there is a US Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night worth a staggering $403 Million (£323 million).
The jackpot currently stands at $403mThe jackpot currently stands at $403m
The jackpot currently stands at $403m

It is estimated that thousands of people are getting their tickets stateside or are going online to play Powerball through theLotter, so the chance that a non-American will win the prize is increasing daily.

Worldwide interest in American lotteries skyrocketed in 2016 when theLotter players from Canada, El Salvador and Australia won millions through the service. theLotter's agents had bought the winners' Powerball tickets in the US and scanned them to their online accounts. After it transpired they'd won, theLotter flew each over to the US where they successfully collected their millions. The three followed in the footsteps of theLotter's Iraqi winner of a $6.4 million jackpot in late 2015. In the wake of the many success stories, British interest in US lottery tickets at has been going through the roof.

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theLotter has been given a stamp of approval by the official Oregon Lottery Commission to securely purchase international clients' paper tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions. With Powerball now offering a huge jackpot of $403 million, clients outside the US can be assured that theLotter's Oregon operation will reliably handle hundreds of thousands of ticket purchase requests.

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