How will East Lancashire vote in the Euro election?

Today's the day we go to the polls in the Euro election.
EU and UK flags. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA WireEU and UK flags. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
EU and UK flags. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

You have until 10pm today to cast your vote to decide whether the UK will remain in the European Union or choose to leave.

Have you cast your vote?

While queues of voters have been seen across the country, there was a steady drip of voters this morning at Sion Baptist Church on Church Street, Burnley, with the staff saying they had been ‘busy’ but were expecting more voters to turn up at peak times around lunchtime and after work.

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Outside the polling station, voters spoke of their hope Burnley turns out in force to have their say in what experts have said could be one of the most important decisions in our lifetime.

Norman Grant, 70, of Ormerod Road, said he had cast his vote to leave the EU as he felt ‘less free’, and said on the turnout: “I’m glad they do [turn up to vote]. Whichever way they’re voting, I’m glad,” before insisting people go with their own opinion. “It all depends on what situation you’re in,” he said.