Help to light up the night in Burnley with lantern parade

People are being invited to 'come on a journey into the night sky' and light up Burnley town centre.
Rosewood Primary pupils with lanternsRosewood Primary pupils with lanterns
Rosewood Primary pupils with lanterns

Burnley Light Night will take place on Saturday December 8th when the town centre will be lit up by a parade of hand-made lanterns.

People of all ages are being invited to take part in lantern-making workshops, and then show off their creations in the parade.

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The parade was held last year as part of the annual Christmas lights switch-on, but it proved so popular that organisers this year decided to hold it as a stand-alone event.

A series of free lantern-making workshops are being held as follows: Burnley Central Library: Saturday November 24th 1-4pm; Monday November 26th 4-7pm; Saturday December 1st 1-4pm; Monday 3rd 4-7pm Burnley Market: Thursday 6th 10am-2pm.

The theme is Journey into the Night Sky and the parade will feature night creatures, celestial bodies, stars, meteors and more.

The finished creations will hold pride of place during the Light Night parade which will set off from the Central Library at 5pm on Saturday December 8th.

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It will make its way through the pedestrianised areas of the town centre, culminating in a musical finale at the events area in St James’s Street (outside McDonald’s).

Local artists have been working with community arts organisation Handmade Parade to develop their skills and make large scale lantern puppets.

Children from four Burnley primary schools – Stoneyholme, Holly Grove, Springfield and Rosewood – are also busy making lanterns. Community groups based at Canalside Community Centre, Gannow, Stoops and Hargher Clough and Thompson Park will also be taking part in the parade.

The evening will culminate with music from brilliant street band Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, and Juice Samba.

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You can also help out by volunteering to support the event, contact Rachel Hawthorn via email [email protected] for more info.

Rachel Hawthorn, arts engagement officer at Burnley Leisure, said: “We’re very excited to be able to work with Handmade Parade this year. They deliver the most amazing world-class parade events.”

Coun. John Harbour, Burnley Council’s Executive member for housing and leisure, said: “The first Light Night parade through the town centre took place last year as part of the Christmas lights festival and it was a great event and really popular. I'm really pleased that the event is growing and will be a stand-alone event this year."