Have you seen a magpie? You had better touch wood

Burnley folk are a superstitious lot, according to new research.
A survey has revealed the superstitions people in Burnley believe in.A survey has revealed the superstitions people in Burnley believe in.
A survey has revealed the superstitions people in Burnley believe in.

Half of people in the town have a lucky number while around 28% have an unlucky number, according to the survey by Voucher Box.

The number 13 is deemed unlucky for the majority (38%), although almost one in 10 (9%) believe it brings good luck. The most popular lucky number is seven for 22% of Burnley residents.

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One in five believe breaking a mirror is the unluckiest superstition while touching wood is considered to be bring luck with 21% of people admitting they carry out this practice which is almost double the 13% who believe they can bring good luck by crossing their fingers.

And around 18% think twice about walking under a ladder.

Less than 14% don’t have a good or bad luck ritual at all. Yet despite these findings, two thirds of Burnley (66%) don’t consider themselves to be superstitious. In fact, the only part of the UK where the majority of people (57%) believe they are superstitious is Devon.

Only one in 10 people from Burnley (9%) deemed meeting the love of the lives as the reason for believing in the good fortune of their superstitions.

Only 5% believe superstitions were responsible for losing money, whereas 20% said they had an accident because of superstitions.

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Other superstitions include opening an umbrella indoors (13%), a four leaf-clover (12%), blowing out birthday candles (7%) and a black cat (7%).

Interestingly 8% of the Burnley population think multiple magpies bring good luck, whilst only 6% think a lone magpie brings bad luck.

Marco Piu, general manager of Voucherbox which commissioned the survey said: “Superstitions are so ingrained in British culture that even those who don’t consider themselves to be superstitious will be at least aware of the required ritual in a given situation.

"The survey revealed that over half of superstitions (52%) come from our parents, and the tales and legends are likely to continue to be passed down."

For more information log onto ttps://www.voucherbox.co.uk/vouchers/robert-dyas.

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