Have a go at... beachcombing in Lancashire

Searching the beach and the intertidal zone, looking for things of value or interest.
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Why: Spending a day at the beach, soaking in the waves is a calming activity, perfect for the whole family. If you also take away rubbish, you are also helping the environment.How it works: Ocean currents can bring all sorts of interesting finds, including fossils, shells and seaglass.The best time to wander is during strong winds from the west and high tides. Always beachcomb on a falling, not a rising tide, and take care before picking anything up, as there maybe be dangerous, sharp or contaminated objects. Never take creatures from the tideline and leave driftwood, as many species rely on those for shelter or as a hunting ground. Don’t disturb wildlife or roosting birds on the coast and make sure someone knows where you are going before you set out.Benefits: You may be able to turn some of your finds into creative or useful items - and even sell them.

Give it a go at:

Silverdale: The Coves and The Shore at Silverdale, near Morecambe, are likely to have some interesting finds.

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Fleetwood: Rossall Point provides great viewing spots. Head down to the beach and get searching.

Blackpool: This is Lancashire’s most popular beach but in the winter and autumn months it will be quiet enough to go beachcombing.

Southport: The Sefton coastline is a good place to have a scout around.