Half of Burnley couples want a 'sleep divorce' to sleep in separate beds

Almost 50% of Burnley couples want a 'sleep divorce' to allow them to sleep in a different bed to their partner a new study has found, while almost one in four want a 'bathroom divorce' from their significant other.
We all love our beauty sleepWe all love our beauty sleep
We all love our beauty sleep

While two things are generally considered better than one when it comes to having two heads to solve a problem, a couple of cups of coffee in the morning to wake up, and a second helping of dessert, a new survey by Soap Supplier has shown that 46% of couples across the North West say they fancy sleeping in a separate bed to their dearly beloved.

And while some lucky households may already have the bathroom provision to allow for an amicable bathroom break-up which sees each party use their own bathroom and render it off limits to the other, many others are not so fortunate, prompting 37% to say they'd love nothing more than to file for WC divorce and avoid those pesky wet towels on the floor or errant hairs blocking the plughole.

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“Having one’s own bathroom is clearly highly-prized,” says Nicky Story from Soap Supplier. “But if you are sharing, it’s key to maintain some bathroom etiquette for a harmonious home."

Speaking of etiquette, women in the North West rated their partners' bathroom hygiene on average as six out of 10, while men put their loved ones at a slightly higher seven out of 10. The biggest bathroom no-nos were revealed as dripping on the toilet seat (45%), not flushing (30%), not replacing the toilet paper (15%), and leaving the toilet seat up (10%).

Delving into the depths of complete coupledom comfort, the study also unearthed the stat that 50% of couples are comfortable enough to use the bathroom when their partner is on the toilet. To each their own, I suppose.