Group is helping to build a better Burnley

Building Bridges in Burnley celebrated its second annual charter dinner.
The charter dinnerThe charter dinner
The charter dinner

The group, set up in the wake of the Burnley Disturbances in 2001, saw supporters share a meal and look back on this year’s activities at the Aroma restaurant.

Rev. Fr Peter Hapgood-Strickland conducted the opening prayer and as current chairman welcomed everyone to the dinner.

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Trustees and directors Mozaquir Ali and Coun. Bea Foster presented summaries of the successful events held over the past year and thanked everyone who participated and made them successful.

They stressed that the activities undertaken last year had helped further their mission, engaged more people, brought communities together for a more cohesive and integrated Burnley.

Coun. Foster said: “We were delighted with the turnout to the dinner which raised £660 for the organisation.

“This money will help Building Bridges continue the good work it has done over many years, in bringing people of all backgrounds together to make the town of Burnley a welcoming and inclusive community.”

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Guest speaker on the night was former Burnley MP Peter Pike who reminisced about his years in Parliament including his work against apartheid in South Africa.

Mr Pike related the story of Nelson Mandela and President F W de Klerk’s long prayer for South Africa over the phone and stressed the importance and value of prayers.

Mr Ali said: “The dinner was a great success with the venue packed with supporters and volunteers from all sections of the Burnley community including council members and leaders of churches and mosques.

“We look forward to working together for a better cohesive Burnley.”