Gritters on target to keep roads safe

Gritters have spread 4,247 tons of salt on treacherous roads across Burnley and Padiham during the recent cold snap.

Wednesday, 4th February 2015, 6:00 pm
On target: Gritters have been kept busy this winter

And there is plenty of salt and grit in storage for when the bad weather strikes again, according to Lancashire County Councillor Marcus Johnstone.

He told members of Padiham Town Council this week that there was 26,000 tons in reserves, saying: “If the snow comes again we will have enough resources to make sure the roads are safe.’’

Responsible for 4,300 miles of roads, Lancashire County Council has used 7,800 tons of grit this year across the county. There are also 385 grit bins in the east of the county and these have been kept topped up with sand and salt.

The 4,247 tons spread across Burnley and Padiham also takes in Pendle, Rossendale and the Ribble Valley. Schools and care homes are always at the top of the priority list, County Coun Johnstone told the committee.