Graham's 2,015km in 2015 challenge helps hospice

Dedicated Pendleside Hospice fund-raiser Graham Denney set himself an impressive target last year of running or walking a total of 2015 kilometres.

2,015km in 2015 challenge
2,015km in 2015 challenge

A combination of runs, hikes and walks, all of which had to be a minimum of five kilometres, saw Graham raise £1,300 for the Reedley-based hospice.

Graham, who celebrated his 50th birthday midway through the year, ran the London Marathon and the Great North Run.

He also ran nine other half-marathons, three 10k races, one 20-mile event and one five-mile race.

On top of that he walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks, came up with anew walk that covered the four East Lancashire panopticans and also embarked on many other long distance walks.

And by the end of the year he had totaled an impressive 2,106 kilometres.

Graham, who lives in Foulridge, is pictured presenting his cheque to hospice fundraising manager Christina Cope, Alison Micklethwaite (occupational therapist) and Carrice Dickinson (apprentice career) who are showing off many of the ravce medals he earned in 2015.