Government cash to repair road damaged by floods landslip

Damaged roadDamaged road
Damaged road
One of the main gateways into Burnley which was damaged by flooding is to be repaired with a share of £5m. of funding from County Hall.

The A646 Burnley Road in Cliviger, which is the main road between Burnley and Todmorden, has been down to one lane since floods in December caused a landslip and the road surface to crack.

Repairs will be carried out on behalf of Lancashire County Council and will include land slip remedial work and resurfacing of the carriageway.

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The project is one of 10 across the county to benefit from the cash.

County Coun. John Fillis, Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “As well as causing great distress to those people whose homes and businesses were flooded, the damage wrought by the December flooding also caused significant damage to the county’s transport infrastructure, particularly our highways and bridges. That damage continues to cause real inconvenience to a great many people and businesses.

“Our engineers have been working flat out to identify the damage and look at how it can be put right.

“The £5m. provided by central government will enable us to get on with repairs to our top 10 priority projects, those which are causing the biggest problems. “Many of the damaged roads and bridges belong to private landowners. We have been contacting these landowners and working hard to help them identify sources of funding which may be available to help them make the necessary repairs.”

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Communities Secretary Greg Clark added: “We’re determined to stand squarely behind communities whose lives were turned upside down by the recent floods, including getting key infrastructure back up and running.

“That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops.”