Gisburn farm serves up country's new organic eatery

Ian OReilly and his wife, Emma RobinsonIan OReilly and his wife, Emma Robinson
Ian OReilly and his wife, Emma Robinson
Ambitious plans for what is claimed to be the UK's first eco-eatery have been unveiled - creating jobs for local people.

Award-winning family-run Gazegill Organic Farm, Rimington, celebrated Lancashire Day with the exciting announcement that it is to launch the UK’s first environmentally sustainable, carbon neutral “eco eatery” in the grounds of its 250-acre impressive farm estate.

The proposals for the rural restaurant are the brainchild of owners, Ian O’Reilly and his wife, Emma Robinson, whose family have been farming on the land for 500 years.

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Due to open in May or June of next year, work is now under way on the unique eco-eatery, which will seat 100 diners

Emma's family have been farming on the land for 500 yearsEmma's family have been farming on the land for 500 years
Emma's family have been farming on the land for 500 years

in a 330sq.m, off grid, green-oaked framed and glass building.

The development, which will see the creation of job opportunities, will not only serve 100% organic food exclusively farmed or grown on its own land, but will also be powered entirely by wind and solar powered renewable energy sources.

Renowned for its organic meat and raw milk products, Gazegill Farm is one of Lancashire’s most successful local businesses, which transformed its capabilities by embracing online retail in 2013.

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Now, selling its produce direct to customers across the UK, the farm has doubled its turnover in the last two years.

Commenting on the rapid growth of the business, Mr O’Reilly said: “Online retail has literally transformed our business. When we first launched our website in 2013, it was fraught with technical glitches, but in 2015, we started using the Preston-based firm, EKM e-commerce platform, which instantly transformed our approach to selling online, taking care of the mechanics and tech, and enabling us to get on with what we’re really good at.”

He added: “As custodians of Gazegill, we feel a huge responsibility to continue the forward-thinking work of the

Robinson family, whose vision to farm ethically, organically and with kindness to the environment was way ahead of its time.

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“Our sales success online with EKM has contributed massively to this next project, an investment in the farm which will really set us apart, creating a commercial eating space which is truly sustainable, the first of its kind in the UK.”

For more information on Gazegill Organic farm, visit

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