Get rich quick with our Dave

Banker, entrepreneur and reality television star Dave Fishwick will be helping the nation 'get rich quick' in his new series.

David Fishwick
David Fishwick

The ebullient owner of Bank of Dave, whose colourful persona has helped him win a clutch of awards for previous programmes, will star in six part series “How To Get Rich Quick” on Channel 4.

Dave, who in the past has taken on pay day loan firms, said: “It’s a new personal finance show all about getting the best deal on everything you buy. I am teaching people how to make every penny count.

“I love making television that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. I am very excited, it’s the biggest show I have done so far, as its a whopping six part series for prime time television.”

Filming begins at the end of July and will take around five to six months to film the full series across the UK and abroad. As ever with Dave’s programmes, the cameras will also arrive in Burnley.

The series will see the self-made millionaire, who made his fortune through his Colne-based minbus business, teach people the money-making skills that helped him.

Indeed, producers claim that Dave’s “money-making manifesto” aims to give people practical tools to make their money grow. There is also invaluable insight into world of personal finance.

Channel 4 by commissioning editor for features, Vivienne Molokwu, said she was looking forward to Dave “sharing his wit and wisdom.”

The show’s co-executive producer Kurt Seywald said: “Everything we test-drive is relatable and designed to inspire the entrepreneur in all of us.”


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Dave’s last television outing in March was a special one-off Channel 4 show, “Dave’s Guide to Spending”, which explored where money goes when consumers pay for various goods and services and whether they are worth the price.

The show marked Dave’s continued work with not just Channel 4 but also US giants Warner Bros. – a relationship he believes will lead to even bigger things.