From Boaty McBoatface to Firey McFireface

First of all, online voters tried to get a £200m ship named Boaty McBoatface.
Firey McFirefaceFirey McFireface
Firey McFireface

Voters on the poll at the Natural Environment Research Council’s website wanted the funny name for its new polar research vessel.

But now the name has spread like wildfire – with a Photoshop whiz at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service renaming one of Havant’s appliances.

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They claim they were first to the party and the rebranding reads, of course, Firey McFireface.

And a commuter travelling on the London to Portsmouth South West Trains snapped a photo showing how the train firm is also joining in.

Matthew Fifield posted: ‘Didn’t expect my train to have a name today’ after seeing Trainy McTrainface in the window on a display as he went to board at Haslemere.

Who said it would never catch on?

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