Friend tried to save life of Colne man (31) after heroin overdose

A young man from Colne died at home from the toxic effects of heroin '“ despite the desperate efforts of a friend to revive him.

Johann Fadlé (31) was found slumped on his sofa at his home in Church Meadows on January 28th by friend Simon Parker who had attempted to revive him using a shot of an overdose recovery drug.

Mr Parker told an inquest at Burnley Coroner’s Court that the pair and a third man had been taking drugs at the house on the night in question.

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Mr Parker, who had left the house with the third man, later returned at 4-30am to find Mr Fadlé slumped on the sofa.

He said: “I knew Johann for about six months. We had met at Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

“When I returned home early that morning there was no reply from Johann and his lips had gone blue. I put him in the recovery position and gave him three millilitres of naloxone.

“This is a medication that can be used if someone overdoses. I was taught how to use it at Inspire.

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“I did everything I could to the best of my ability and then called an ambulance. When you take drugs you don’t consider at the time that you’re playing Russian roulette.”

A post-mortem examination, conducted by pathologist Dr Richard Prescott, revealed a fatal level of 456mg per litre of morphine in Mr Fadlé’s blood.

On its own, this would have been in the fatal range, but there were also traces of diazepam, amphetamines and cocaine in his system.

The inquest heard how Mr Fadlé had had an addictive personality from a young age. He had cut down on his substance abuse and had been doing well for the last two years.

East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said: “Johann Fadlé died from a combination of drug misuse. The conclusion I record is that of a drug-related death.”

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