Floods update: Flood water ruins kind-hearted widow Marion’s carpet

An 84-year-old great-grandmother who has lived in a cottage in Whalley for 30 years is counting the cost of Saturday’s floods.

Marion Sycamore's carpet was ruined in the floods
Marion Sycamore's carpet was ruined in the floods

Marion Sycamore, of King Street, was one of the victims of the weekend's torrential down pours, which flooded the lounge of her cottage ruining its carpet.

Unfortunately for widow Marion, she has not been able to afford the insurance premiums after her cottage was last flooded in 2012 when the River Calder burst its banks.

"I've had no insurance since three years ago when I was last flooded," Marion explained. "The insurance paid out and I was out of the house for six months while they did the work, but when they sent the new premium through there's no way I could afford it out of my pension and I've not got that much savings."

Marion Sycamore's carpet was ruined in the floods

Marion, who normally uses a flood defence board in times of heavy rain fall, was away in Guiseley when the flooding hit and didn't get home until 5 pm. By this time the flood water had penetrated half way up her lounge carpet.

When she arrived home friends and neighbours came to her assistance, but it was two police officers who stepped in to move Marion's lounge furniture and remove her sodden carpet.

Originally a farmer's wife, after her husband died Marion cared for people in their own homes and was a pet sitter for many years. During this time, Marion wrote down observations about the pets that she was looking after and these have subsequently been made into two books.

Pet Stories, is six short stories for children, and her second book, Ladies in Waiting is about four brood mares.

Marion, who is a member of Ribble Valley Movie Makers, had hoped to donate all her profits to the First Responders organisation who helped to save her son a few years ago when he suffered a heart attack, but with this recent disaster money is tighter than ever for the pensioner.

Not one to complain however, Marion reflected: "I have really been balled over by people's kindness and offers of help."

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