Festive online fraud campaign is launched

Lancashire police are running a “12 online frauds of Christmas” campaign to protect people from falling victim to cyber-fraudsters.
Police are running a campaign '12 online frauds of Christmas'Police are running a campaign '12 online frauds of Christmas'
Police are running a campaign '12 online frauds of Christmas'

In the run up to Christmas, the force will be doing all it can to raise awareness of a dozen online frauds that have the potential to ruin people’s festive fun.

These are shopping fraud, Christmas e-cards, auction fraud, holiday fraud, loan and investment scams, ticketing fraud, donating to charity, mobile malware/malicious apps, money transfers, social media scams, dating/romance scams and mobile payments.

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Working in partnership with the City of London Police, which is the National Policing Lead for Fraud, Lancashire Constabulary will be looking at the do’s and do not’s of online shopping.

This month around 50% of shoppers are expected to use the internet to buy more than half of their Christmas presents.

The majority of people will still have presents delivered to their doorstep or into their email account without a hitch.

However, the reality is there will also be tens of thousands of people across the UK whose Christmas will be damaged, and in some cases destroyed, after finding out they have fallen foul of heartless criminals who specialise in tricking internet users with the promise of great online deals and big cash savings.

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Throughout ‘The 12 online frauds of Christmas’ campaign officers will be talking to local people and sharing top safety tips via traditional and social media.

More internet safety advice can also be found at www.getsafeonline.org and www.cyberstreetwise.com.

Lancashire Constabulary Det. Supt Lee Halstead, head of cyber crime, said: “People need to understand the threat of cyber-crime and what they can do to stop themselves becoming a victim.

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting loads of tips on our social media channels on how to stay safe and we would urge people to follow us and take the advice on board.”

If anyone falls victim to fraud, they are encouraged to report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 040 or at www.actionfraud.police.uk