FENCE: Homes plan on Panaz factory site

COUNCIL – The November meeting of Old Laund Booth Parish Council was attended by B. Newman, E. Nutter, D. Hall, P. Shaw, C. Nutter, J. David, J. Myers, PSCO Owen and five members of the public. Apologies were received from Coun. Venn.

Thursday, 18th November 2010, 9:52 am

Members had studied the play area inspection report and agreed no urgent work was needed. Coun. Newman is to meet an official from Lancashire County Council to see if there are grants available to pay for repairs and new equipment. The parish clock has been mended.

PSCO Owen said there had been four crimes in October, all burglaries. A garage had been broken into in Greystones and bikes and golf clubs taken. A car and valuables were taken from a house in Wheatley Lane Road and an empty house broken into. A satellite navigation system had been taken from a car. Police have dropped off letters in the area reminding people to be vigilant and lock up.

Coun. Newman confirmed a problem with a parked car at Spenbrook had been resolved. Fence United is to hold a service of dedication on December 1st at 6-30 p.m. outside the Methodist Church for the new Nativity scene.

No objections were made for retrospective permission for a single house at 503 Wheatley Lane and 10 cycle stores to the rear of gardens at Wheatley Court. Representatives from Panaz and planning agent Andrew Walker attended the meeting to discuss an outline application for 22 houses at Spring Mill garages. He said the plan was to keep the office buildings and change three units and then take down the rest of the mill and use the land for more houses. They are to retain the wall at the front and keep parking spaces for residents. They have asked for a transport plan to be undertaken and hope to put the plan in this month.

A resident asked for action to be taken over the state of a path between the Scout Hut and the former St Anne’s school at Pendle Fields. The clerk is to contact Pendle Council as well as Lancashire County Council regarding the state of the road to the left of Pendle Fields which has had pot holes repaired and is in need of more repairs.

Coun. Myers asked for a donation for new mirrors at the top of Harpers Lane on behalf of the Safe Lanes in Pendleside group. A donation of £25 was agreed. Pendle Riding for the Disabled group is to appear on People’s Millions on ITV in November. Coun. Myers asked for people to vote for the scheme.

Coun. Shaw asked members to think about a possible solution to parking around Wheatley Court. He said possibly a parking area could be made between the two blocks of flats. It was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting.

It was also reported that a motorist parks his car blocking steps at the back of the village hall.

Coun. E. Nutter asked why notification of a road closure at Cuckstool Lane had not been advertised in the Press. Problems with dog muck from Field Top to the village school have been reported. Coun. David encouraged people to report the dog owners responsible.

Coun. Newman had received a complaint that the parish council did not help residents when the water had gone off. Coun. E. Nutter asked the clerk to write to LCC and ask why all of the bypass path is not cleaned, in the light of the stretch between Greenhead Lane to Higham having been cleaned.

Problems reported of parking across dropped kerbs. Coun. David said Pendle had saved reserves to deal with the current recession. The next meeting will take place on December 6th in Fence Village Hall at 7 p.m.