Ex-Stonyhurst student wins his Green Beret

A former Stonyhurst College student has just received the coveted Green Beret having successfully completed nine months doing one of the hardest military training courses in the world.
Dario  Mastrobuoni. (s)Dario  Mastrobuoni. (s)
Dario Mastrobuoni. (s)

Dario Mastrobuoni (21), who went to Stonyhurst College at Hurst Green, is now a Royal Marine Commando. He passed out of the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, Devon, with 191 Troop earlier this month.

Dario will now go to 40 Commando Royal Marines based at Taunton, Somerset. 40 Commando are currently the Lead Commando Group and are held at high readiness for operations.

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Recruit training at the base in Devon featured in the Channel 4 TV series “Royal Marines Commando School” last year.

During their training the recruits are taught many skills. They learn survival, map reading, shooting and they are expected to be a credit to their service. They are trained to join a Commando unit prepared to deploy anywhere in the world at once.

They spend a large proportion of the course doing physical training and there are a series of tests they need to overcome to continue in training. The recruits are taught how to speed march which is a combination of marching and running carrying 32 lbs of weight and is run at a speed of one mile every 10 minutes.

The final test they must overcome is the infamous 30 miler where the recruits speed march across the wilderness of Dartmoor in eight hours.

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“Training was harder than I expected but I was never on my own,” said Dario. “There was always something going on to take your mind off the hardship.

Dario was awarded the Diamond badge during training. This meant he was selected by his training team for his leadership abilities and was one of the top recruits in his troop gaining the Commandants Award.

When Royal Marines complete their training they are awarded the Green Beret.

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