Ex-squaddie jailed for horror attack

A former soldier who launched an unprovoked attack on a stranger outside a bar leaving with him multiple facial fractures was jailed for three years.
Liverpool Crown CourtLiverpool Crown Court
Liverpool Crown Court

Aaron Jameson-Kennedy received two years for inflicting grievous bodily harm but had an extra 12 months added consecutively for breaching a suspended sentence hanging over him at the time of the attack.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the violence erupted outside Cafe Stella in Leigh on November 2 while the defendant was outside arguing with his sister. Thomas Naughton went outside and the defendant attacked him.

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“You assaulted a complete stranger without provocation, punched him three times, threw him into the doors of the public house and kicked him to the head,” said Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, the Recorder of Liverpool.

“You caused fractures to his nose and cheek bones. You made a mess of his face and a mess of his life psychologically,” he added.

The court heard that the father-of-two young children had initially had difficulty eating and his injuries had impacted on his relationship with his youngsters and his ability to work.

Jameson-Kennedy, 26, of Bolton Road, Atherton, pleaded guilty to that offence and also admitted breaching a suspended sentence for common assault on his former partner and twice breaching a restraining order keeping him away from her.

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Judge Goldstone said that the defendant had been “utterly and totally obsessional” about his former partner Robyn Brew who was trying to make a new life for herself with a new 

Against a background of previous abuse against her he went to her home and in the presence of her mum placed his hands around her neck and then repeatedly slammed her to the floor and pulled her hair.

Afterwards he sent abusive and threatening texts which were extremely unpleasant, said the judge.

He was due to appear in court in August last year having been given a deferred sentence but did not attend and “went under the radar”, he added.

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Judge Goldstone said he accepted he had been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder following his Army service which was why he had deferred sentence last 

“You are capable of leading a law abiding and decent life. Miss Brew is no longer part of your life and you say you wish her well.”

Jameson-Kennedy told the judge from the dock: “All I want to do is see my son.”

The judge told him that he must do so through the proper channels and “set Miss Brew free”.

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He warned him that if he harasses her or commits more offences he will face longer and longer sentences. He imposed an indefinite restraining order.

Martyn Walsh, defending, said that Jameson-Kennedy accepted he would receive a jail sentence and wanted to wipe the slate clean.

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