Euro MP’s horror at explicit sex education plans for five-year-olds

A Burnley Euro MP has congratulated the Christian Institute for compiling a dossier revealing “shocking” sex education plans for children as young as five.

“I was absolutely appalled to learn about the explicit material which is being recommended by local authorities,” said Paul Nuttall, UKIP Euro MP.

“The innocence of childhood is precious but it is increasingly under attack from every side. It is wrong that commercial advertisers target vulnerable children but even worse when education authorities, which have a duty of care, allow them to be bombarded with such thoroughly unsuitable material.

“Following protests there have, quite rightly, been moves to stop retailers stocking clothing which sexualises young children. But here we have ever more explicit sex education being aimed at primary school children. It cannot be right,” said Mr Nuttall.

“Parents do not want this shocking material - books, cartoons and videos - being shown to their young children. If the Christian Institute had not highlighted it it may be that parents would have been unaware just what their off spring may be shown.


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“Sex education should not be made compulsory in primary schools, as supported by the LibDems, At present it is up to individual schools and I would encourage parents to contact their children’s schools to ascertain what policy they have on this matter.

“Moral standards are being constantly eroded and the decline must be reversed. Children as young as five do not need to know about sexual reproduction and they certainly do not need to be told about anal and oral sex, orgasm and prostitution,” said Mr Nuttall.