Victory for Pendle residents as planning inspector turns down builder's appeal to build new homes in village

An appeal against a decision blocking the building of 34 new homes in a Pendle village has been turned down.

Residents in Salterforth had been opposed to the plans
Residents in Salterforth had been opposed to the plans

Seddon Homes had appealed the decision of Pendle Borough Council to reject a planning application to build the houses on land to east of Beckside in Salterforth.

However, an appeal lodged by the developer to the Government's Planning Inspectorate has now been turned down.

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Local residents had expressed their opposition to the proposed development development at the 1.86-hectare site, saying it would not only impact on the visual aspect of the landscape, but would negatively impact on the countryside and rural bridle path, increase traffic in Salterforth and put other buildings and roads at risk of flooding.

A planning appeal has been turned down

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson welcomed the latest decision.

He said: "I am pleased the Inspector has agreed with the view of the ward councillors and local residents that the proposed application would have a detrimental impact on the village.

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"We must ensure any new developments are in the right location to meet Pendle’s needs and not just forced onto greenfields to suit the developers."

In refusing the appeal, the planning inspector stated: "Having carefully considered the above, I find the impact of the proposed scheme on the site and its immediate surroundings would be significantly harmful.

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"It would result in views into and out of the settlement being limited and its character would be significantly adversely affected. Moreover, the proposal would have an unacceptable harmful effect on its landscape quality as an area of transition between the built form of Salterforth and the open countryside.

"However, in terms of its impact on the wider landscape, the proposal would have a limited visual impact in longer views taken from the surrounding area. Notwithstanding this, in

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considering the impact of the proposal as a whole, I find it would significantly diminish the character, appearance and quality of the wider landscape would result in material harm.

"Consequently, I conclude that the proposed development would have a significant detrimental impact on the character, appearance and quality of the local landscape, resulting in the landscape quality of the site and its immediate surroundings being severely diminished."