New plans to protect Burnley's trees and woodlands

Councillors are set to adopt updated plans on how best to protect trees and woodlands for future generations.

Burnley Council’s executive is recommended to agree the borough’s revised tree management policy when they meet next week.

It sets out how best to manage and protect trees on the 550 hectares of council-owned land across the borough. That includes around 35,000 trees in parks, cemeteries and other green spaces, and a further 250,000 trees growing on 125 hectares (equivalent to 210 football pitches) in other woodland owned and managed by the council.

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Coun. Lian Pate, executive member for health and wellbeing, said: “Historical records show that around 100 years ago there were very few trees in our borough in what was a very industrialised environment.

Rowley Lake, Burnley

“A century of tree planting by the council and others has created a relatively green and leafy borough, a legacy for generations to come. We’re blessed with some excellent parks and green spaces, and surrounded by lovely countryside.

“The tree management policy sets out how best to manage and nurture our woodlands and encourage further growth. There will be times when trees have to be felled, often because they are diseased and potentially dangerous, but we will only cut down trees when it is necessary.

"We are determined to continue our programme of planting to ensure a greener borough for everyone."