Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights expected to be visible across parts of the North West tonight - Friday, April 1

The Northern Lights are expected to be visible across parts of the North West tonight – Friday, April 1, bringing a green haze to Britain's night skies.

Caused by solar particles striking the Earth’s magnetic field, the Aurora Borealis is not usually visible in the UK, but increased activity means a strengthened solar wind will bring the particles into contact with our atmosphere over a wider area.

According to the British Geological Survey, the best chance of seeing the phenomenon was last night, Thursday (March 31) and tonight, Friday (April 1), if the skies are clear enough.

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The best way to see the lights is to remove yourself from any brightly lit areas as best as possible, including cities and towns which can create a lot of light pollution.

The Northern Lights could be visible in some parts of the North West tonight

Those further to the north (Carlisle) will also have a better chance of spotting the aurora, with sightings less likely the further south you are.

Locations with a good view of the northern horizon, such as beaches, headlands or the tops of hills, will also have an advantage.

Unfortunately, while the forecast for the aurora is good, the same can’t be said for the weather.

The Met Office reports that much of the country will experience some cloud cover, though Manchester is due relatively clear skies.

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