English Defence League stage demonstration in Brierfield - four arrests

A RIGHT-WING group held a flash demonstration in Pendle at the weekend - and it resulted in four arrests.

There was a separate incident in which moving cars were vandalised by an Asian heritage group. There is some suspicion it was a result of the right-wing protest but the police cannot confirm that was the case.

The protest happened at around 2-20 p.m. on Saturday and police say “approximately 20 suspected members of the English Defence League” held the demonstration at Colne Road in Brierfield.

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As a result, a number of Asian men gathered in the area, which eventually resulted in a confrontation.

Police were called to the scene and officers were able to separate the two groups. Nobody was injured during the disturbance.

Four people were arrested in connection with this and have been released with no charge pending further inquiries.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “Police have been working closely with community leaders and we are satisfied that any tension caused by the presence of the EDL were quickly dissipated. Further work is ongoing to ensure members of the Brierfield public feel safe and reassured that police will thoroughly investigate the incident and bring to justice those that committed any offences.

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“The town’s neighbourhood policing team will continue to lead on reassurance activity and the public are urged to contact them if they have any concerns.”

A woman aged 45 from Freckleton, a man aged 33 from Preston, a man aged 44 from Longridge, and a man aged 47 from Chorley were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder.

• There was criminal damage to two vehicles on Glenway in Brierfield at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

And there are suggestions - not confirmed by the police - that it was a result of the English Defence League suspects holding a protest in Brierfield. The people in the cars attacked were not connected with the right-wing protest.

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The woman driver of a blue Vauxhall Vectra, accompanied by her husband and two young children, was confronted by a group of people of Asian heritage appearance.

One of the group then caused £500 worth damage to the vehicle’s rear offside passenger door and the children very alarmed.

At the same time and location, there was an attack on a second vehicle by a group of Asians. Sgt Michelle Dixon of Nelson Police Station said: “One of the Asian members of the group struck the vehicle with a golf club, causing damage to the rear wing and boot.”

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