Eleven-bedroom Georgian manor house available for £1.35m

Eleven-bedroom country manor houses with 12 acres of land tend to be the stuff of grouse shooting and hipster whisky adverts, but one such grand property can be yours for a relative snip at £1.35m.

Healey Hall.
Healey Hall.

Built in the 18th century, Healey Hall is almost as old as the United States of America and stands out like few other buildings - let alone homes - can. Anywhere with three floors, a gabled roof, and turret-like chimneys is very much worth a second glance, after all.

Stood in a semi-rural setting with a very British, wood-lined driveway allowing access to the house via a heavy iron gate, the home is about as close to a 21st century castle as can be found, with 11 bedrooms, four living rooms, four bathrooms, and the kind of cellar space that would make most vineyards blush.

In what represents either a window cleaner's dream or nightmare, the front of the house alone boasts 19 windows, meaning that the home's cavernously high-ceilinged rooms get almost as much natural light as the accompanying 12 acres of formal garden and fields.

Decorated with elegant masonry on the outside and in, from ornate stone carvings on the roof to red-brick upstairs fireplaces, the property has retained some original features of its 250-year history whilst also undergoing a revamp to appeal to a modern-day moneybags, with a minimalist kitchen, polished oak balustrades, and a bathroom so big that it's stand-alone bathtub looks like a boat out at sea.


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Idiosyncratic in some regards with a few painted ceilings and bright red floors, the home certainly has enough wow-factor clout to impress anyone with the financial muscle to spot this kind of property... provided the have enough furniture to fill the 34 rooms, that is.