Drunken pregnant mum faces magistrates after she kicked a police officer during disturbance in Burnley street

A drunken, pregnant mum in her nightclothes was arrested for shouting and swearing in the street and kicking a police officer, a court heard.

The defendant appeared before the court for the second time in connection to the same incident.
The defendant appeared before the court for the second time in connection to the same incident.

Teresa Wainscott, who struck whilst a Burnley FC match was on television, was warned to calm down and go back inside her home by police who were 'all over the place' because of the lunchtime kick off at Turf Moor.

She was detained and taken to the police station, after she carried on shouting profanities on Hollingreave Road, Burnley, the town's magistrates were told.

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The 42- year-old, who didn't know she was expecting at the time, was one of several people in the street causing a disturbance on Saturday, February 23rd.

Mrs Alex Mann, prosecuting, said: "An officer says whilst she was arresting the defendant, she was kicking out.

"At one point, a shoe glanced her face, causing no injury. She did receive a cut to her finger. The defendant did have to be restrained."

Wainscott has now been before the court for a second time over the incident. At the first hearing, she had only been dealt with for being drunk and disorderly. She had admitted that offence and had been given a 12-month conditional discharge.

On Tuesday, the defendant pleaded guilty to police assault, which took place during the same trouble.

Mr Mark Williams, defending, told the earlier hearing Wainscott had had a lot to drink the night before.

Her boyfriend and some friends were watching the game on TV and they started drinking early, before the 12.30pm kick off. She also had some drinks, which topped up the alcohol she had had the night before.

The solicitor said Wainscott had gone upstairs to have a lie down but ended up going outside.

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Mr Williams said:"Her boyfriend seems to have been involved in a commotion with a neighbour. The neighbour came out with a baseball bat."

The solicitor said the defendant was told to go back in and did so, but then went back out.

Mr Williams continued:" Police calmed everybody down and everybody went back into their properties. She was arrested and carted off to the police station. She was shouting profanities. She accepts that and can only apologise for that. "

On Tuesday, the solicitor told the court:" When she's had a drink, she says things she shouldn't.

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"She was struggling and kicking. She said she wasn't wearing any shoes, so there was no shod foot.

Mr Williams added:" She didn't realise at the time she was pregnant. The significance of that is she has stopped drinking, so hopefully will not be getting herself in trouble.

The defendant, of Hollingreave Road, was told to pay £50 compensation for the police assault.