Drug syringes, faeces and urine found on stairs of flats

A man has hit out at anti-social behaviour and drug use in the block of flats where his mum and grandmother both live.
Exterior of Boyswell House, Scholes, WiganExterior of Boyswell House, Scholes, Wigan
Exterior of Boyswell House, Scholes, Wigan

Darryl Stott, from Marsh Green, says syringes have been left in the stairwells at Boyswell House in Scholes and there is also a prominent smell of cannabis in the communal areas, with drug use also leading to some visitors to the building acting in a threatening manner.

He also says his mum Denise, who shares a flat with her partner and her 86-year-old mum Elsie Burton, wants to leave but he does not believe that is a solution and is calling for extra security.

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He has now drawn the state of the block, owned by Wigan and Leigh Homes (WALH), to Wigan Central ward representative Coun Lol Hunt, who has promised to look into the matter.

Mr Stott, 29, said: “When you walk in you are hit by the smell of cannabis, and the syringes we’ve taken pictures of is obvious evidence of some sort of drug use.

“The environment just doesn’t feel safe and you are sharing lifts with people who are very drunk or high on drugs. My grandma certainly isn’t going to be in a position to deal with that.

“What I want is cameras installed in these stairwells and on-site security visiting these towers during hours of darkness.

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“There are concierges on the gate but they always let me in. I don’t have a pass for the building and I could be anyone, frankly.”

Mr Stott says he is particularly concerned about Boyswell House as his young son regularly visits to see Ms Stott and her mother.

Ms Stott says she is equally concerned for the safety of young children in the building and often fears for her safety when waiting for lifts and there are people under the influence of alcohol or drugs around.

She also believes the problems are partly caused by a side gate being left open which she claims allows people who do not live in Boyswell House to gain access.

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Ms Stott, 52, said: “You need a fob for the front gate but the side one is just left open and people can walk in 24/7.

“I’ve seen people sleeping in the stairwells, I’ve found faeces on the floor and urine on the walls and then recently I saw the three syringes on the stairs.

“My grandson is autistic so he always holds my hand but some children run off in front of adults and they could easily have picked the syringes up. It’s frightening to think what could have happened.

“Sometimes I’ve been going out and I’ve just gone back into the flat and locked the door. I shouldn’t feel the way I do here because it’s supposed to be a secure building.

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“If you’re in the lift with these people or waiting for the lift in the corridor I feel I will be threatened if I look at them because they can be quite paranoid and aggressive.”

In an email seen by the Wigan Evening Post Coun Hunt said he was “absolutely appalled” by the photos taken by Ms Stott and the issues raised.

Wigan and Leigh Homes (WALH) said it will be taking action to ensure people who are not supposed to be in Boyswell House do not gain entry.

Vicky Bannister, director of tenancy services, said: “We have been in contact with this resident to discuss her concerns and have been made aware of people gaining entry into the block which is causing problems.

“We will be reminding our residents to not allow people into the block unless they know them or are expecting them.”

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