Dogs used in laboratory experiments given new life in the UK

Seven beagles who have spent their lives caged and used for laboratory experiments have been given a second chance in the UK.
The dogs will be given a second chance in the UKThe dogs will be given a second chance in the UK
The dogs will be given a second chance in the UK

Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), an international animal rescue and advocacy organization, has secured the release of seven beagles who were used in laboratory experiments in Hungary. These survivors have been dubbed, the "Bond Beagles" because it takes superior skill and expertise to be able to get them out of the laboratories so that they can LIVE Another Day.

Labs typically will not release their test subjects for fear of public reproach. Their License to Kill is sadly legal, but BFP works to convince labs to give them a second chance at life and live in a home with a family surrounded by love.

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They had spent their whole lives subjected to horrific testing, living in steel, cold cages with no treats and no love. Prior to this, they had not seen the outdoors or been known by a name: only identified by the number tattooed in their ears.

The seven beagles, aptly named after Bond characters: Daniel, Connery, Brosnan, Roger, Dalton, George and Niven will finally have the life they should have always known: love, toys, treats, snuggles and freedom!