Diabetic amputee in need of home

A homeless man suffering from diabetes is in dire need of accommodation and medical help, having lost his job after having his leg amputated six months ago.
Phil ReganPhil Regan
Phil Regan

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Phil Regan, 50, is currently without a home and is urgently appealing for help.

Phil was born in Leigh, but lived and owned a business in Burnley before emigrating to Spain in 2004 for a ‘better lifestyle’, but matters were turned on their head when he was informed that he had Type 2 diabetes five years ago.

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Due to expensive medical bills, Phil could not afford to treat his diabetes on top of paying for rent and living costs, and as a result his illness worsened, meaning that he is now insulin-dependent.

“The effect it [the diabetes] has had on my body is extremely deleterious,” said Phil. “Because it went so long without a diagnosis it damaged arteries, bones, vital organs, the damage has already been done and the damage is irreversible.

Unfortunately, his right leg had to be amputated seven inches above the knee six months ago, leading to Phil losing his job as he struggled to pay rent. He eventually lost his apartment and returned to the UK.

“When I lost my leg, my employer lost any interest in having me back at work. I literally had no income and no way to support myself.

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“The veins and arteries in my leg had collapsed,” said Phil. “My options were to lose the leg or risk dying. It was a straightforward choice. It’s very difficult at the moment, I’m finding everything a strain.”

But due to unforeseen circumstances, the accommodation arrangements he had relied upon recently became non-viable, leaving Phil - who spent the last of his money on a ticket to get back into the country - homeless.

“I can’t get even the very basic medicine,” continued Phil. “All my family are dead and I feel like I’m going to end up on the street, which will be a death sentence.”

Any help for Phil would be greatly appreciated. He can be contacted on 07835 769 701.

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