Devon cream of the crop on TV advert

A Burnley woman is feeling energised now she is the star of a television sports drink advert currently showing on the nation’s screens.
Devon Burnell in the new Lucozade advertDevon Burnell in the new Lucozade advert
Devon Burnell in the new Lucozade advert

Devon Burnell (25) who works with Burnley Leisure’s Getin2 Sport team, shows off her budding acting talent in the new Lucozade advert inspiring people to “find their flow”.

In the advert, part of a £14m. summer campaign, Devon is seen sitting at her desk before catching a bottle of Lucozade and swigging from it with her hair flowing in the wind.

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She said: “We received an email at work from a casting company looking for an individual that could catch, who’d be interested in being part of the new Lucozade campaign.

“I decided to give it a go and filmed my audition tape in the office which was like a mini television advert.

“I was really excited when I found out that I had been selected to attend the audition which went really well.

“The following day they confirmed I’d been selected for the advert and I went down to London to film it.

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“It was an amazing experience and I’m really lucky to have been given the opportunity. All my work colleagues, family and friends are really excited about it as well.”

In the 60-second spot entitled “Find Your Flow”, Devon is seen putting her fantastic catching skills to the test and catching a bottle of Lucozade without even as much as taking a glimpse at it.

During the two days of filming, she worked with a team of directors, stylists, make-up artists and fellow actors including Great Britain softball team member Chiya Louie.

Devon said it is “surreal” to see herself on television. “It is a bit strange to be sitting watching television and then all of a sudden I can see myself.”

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