Vandals' weekend wrecking spree causes over £10,000 worth of damage at Pendle playgrounds and prized bowling green

Vandals caused over £10,000 worth of damage in a senseless wrecking spree targeting Colne's playgrounds over the weekend.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 12:30 pm

They also caused a considerable amount of damage to the bowling green at Alkincoats Park.

Police are now stepping up out of hours patrols at playgrounds in the area while they investigate the crimes that have sent ripples of shock through the community.

Naomi Crewe, who is Colne Town Council's clerk, said she was 'appalled' at the damage inflicted on the playgrounds.

The aftermath of the shocking vandalism at Colne's playgrounds over the weekend

She said: "To put this in perspective, £10,000 is the equivalent of the 176 average Colne households’ annual precept payment – or the collective annual payments of one of the town’s prominent roads.

"What a total waste of money."

At the King George V playground rubberised ground covering was sliced and pulled up and was thrown around by the youths involved. This playground has now been closed.

Thirty support posts were ripped out and snapped at the Waterside play area and the culprits also pulled the seat off the zipwire. Now unsafe to be used ,that play area has also been closed.

Images of the rubberised flooring that was sliced and pulled up by vandals

CCTV cameras caught a group of children taking stones from a rockery and throwing them onto the green at the Philip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy in Alkincoats Park.

Naomi added: "These greens are an asset to Colne and are managed by a small, very dedicated team and it is heart-breaking that children would do this."

She said that the town council did not want to close any of the sites especially as the upcoming playground development project starting at the end of the month will see over £190,000 invested into the facilities, adding: "The truth is we cannot continue to bear this level of expenditure at a time of constrained budgets

“We are asking that people take photographs if they see vandalism taking place and report any damage to the police immediately, so they can attempt to catch the perpetrators and renumeration can be made."

Anyone with information that could help is asked to ring 01282 861888 or email [email protected]