Uninsured Brierfield driver left behind a £3,000 trail of destruction after he decided to try and run from the police

An uninsured driver being chased by police ended up out on the tiles as he tried to flee, a court heard.
Burnley Magistrates' CourtBurnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Seraj Shafiq left a £3,000 hole, 10in. in diameter, in a conservatory roof and damaged an empty neighbouring property after he got out of the car and legged it.

He also broke a fence, worth £50, when he climbed over it. Both victims were pensioners.

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Burnley magistrates were told how the 20-year-old call centre and takeaway worker, who had no previous convictions, would only have been before the court for two motoring allegations had he stayed to face the music.

Instead, he was landed with a hefty bill for the trail of destruction he left behind, which, said the prosecutor, wasn't deliberate but "self -preservation," in trying to escape from the police.

Mrs Alex Mann said at about 4-30pm, police were on Burnley Road, going towards Brierfield, when a Volkswagen passed them, showing no insurance.

Officers decided to try and stop the vehicle and the defendant got out and ran off down the road. He went down the side of a garage, pursued by officers, climbing over fences and eventually damaging one.

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Mrs Mann said one resident heard a crash and saw a large hole in his conservatory roof.

She continued: "He heard some shouting from a few houses down. Police were telling someone to get on the floor with their hands behind their head."

His roof had been damaged as well as the tiles on the top of his conservatory.

The prosecutor said the second retired victim also heard a crash and saw a man disappearing over his fence being chased by police officers.

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Mr Daniel Frazer, defending Shafiq, said: "He is somewhat the author of his own misfortune."

The solicitor said the defendant had driven off in his friend's car when he wasn't legally allowed.

He continued: "From then on his life just kind of tumbled around before him. The only thing which is to his credit is that he stopped."

Mr Frazer told the hearing: "He ran away. He didn't run very far. He didn't mean to cause the damage. It just seems to be a bi-product of him trying to keep away from the police."

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The solicitor added the defendant fully cooperated when caught and didn't resist police or assault an officer.

Shafiq, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, admitted driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and without insurance in Windermere Avenue, Burnley, and two counts of damage, on April 30th.

He was fined £180, with £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge and was given six points on his licence.

The defendant was ordered to pay £3,050 compensation.