"Prolific" shoplifter banned from several stores for two years

A woman has been banned from a number of retail outlets after she was convicted of shoplifting.

Police have described Victoria June Lee as an "archetypal and prolific" shoplifter
Police have described Victoria June Lee as an "archetypal and prolific" shoplifter

Colne Neighbourhood officer PC Matt Lunney has secured a Criminal Behaviour Order on Victoria June Lee (35) of Cleveland St. Colne

Lee is now banned from entering a number of retail outlets in Colne from which she has been convicted of shoplifting.

Lee, who appeared in court via video link from prison, was jailed in January and again in March for shoplifting offences. She pleaded guilty to stealing earrings valued at £76 from TK Maxx and jars of coffee valued at £34 from the Co-op store.

She was ordered to pay compensation and made subject to a criminal behaviour order.

The CBO prohibits Lee from entering the following stores for two years,:Matalan, Savers, Sainsbury, McColls, TK Maxx, Asda, B & M, Boundary Mill, the Co-op (Colne) and Morrisons (Nelson).

Breach of a criminal behaviour order enables a court to impose up to five years in prison

PC Lunny said:"Lee is an archetypal, prolific shoplifter. Shoplifting is her trade.

"The Colne and West Craven Neighbourhood policing team are securing convictions.

"Our local traders and store employees give statements to police, we then apply for the Behaviour Orders.

"By doing this we are getting the message across to the courts just how frustrating it is to see the same offenders repeating their activities time and again.

"We appreciate it is frustrating when prolific offenders target our stores.

"We will be applying for more Behaviour Orders on those who continue to plague our local stores"

Anyone who witnesses Lee breaching the order can call police on 101.