Pregnant woman attacked by partner

A Burnley FC worker who attacked his pregnant partner and both her parents was said to have been arrested at the club on match day, a court was told.

Ashley Michael Bryan (27) abused Natalie Greenhough by pushing her, punched her father Trevor Wolstenhome and shoved her mother Adele Wolstenholme.

Bryan, who struck in front of young children, was alleged by the prosecution to have “exerted power” over Ms Greenhough by assaulting her family.

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The hearing was told Bryan and Ms Greenhough, who was sitting in the public gallery, may reconcile and she had written a letter to the court in his support.

Bryan, who has a previous domestic- related conviction, has been spared jail, but a district judge, who said the violence would have had an emotional impact upon both the victims and the children, warned him if he flouted the sentence, he would end up behind bars.

Bryan, of Springfield Road, Burnley, admitted assaulting the Wolstenholmes by beating on April 9th and assaulting Ms Greenhough by beating on or between last December 15th and December 31st.

The defendant, who had pleaded guilty on the day he was due to face trial, received 24 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, with a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement. He was ordered to pay Mr and Mrs Wolstenholme £100 compensation each and must hand over an £80 victim surcharge and £180 costs to the court.

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Sentencing him, District Judge James Clarke said any assault was serious. He said he had read the letter from Ms Greenhough, but it was his decision alone over what would happen to the defendant and not for the complainant or witnesses in a case to ask for any particular sentence.

The district judge told Bryan: “I take a particularly dim view of people who assault their partners or other people in the presence of young children.”

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Prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann told the hearing the latter incident was due to a disagreement, as Natalie Greenhough, who had recently split up with Bryan at the time, wasn’t happy to let him in. He was saying “unpleasant things”and she had already rung her parents, who said they would come round.

Her mother was pushed and her father was punched. Mrs Mann continued : “Her father describes being disgusted at the incident. It happened when other family members were present. There was just shock and dismay this had happened. Nothing like that had ever happened before. All parties had said that. They describe behaviour throughout the relationship of making her feel uncomfortable if she was going out or socialising with her family.”

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Mr Nick Cassidy (defending) said: “He accepts all the problems in the relationship are his responsibility. He fully accepts he has an issue in relation to his temper. He is very remorseful. He is well aware he has to be punished in relation to these offences. He is aware that all sentencing options are open.”

The solicitor continued :” My instructions are that long term, if he can resolve the issues in the relationship with his temper, there is a chance they could reconcile. In the short term, he has to continue living at his mother’s address.”

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Mr Cassidy told the hearing Bryan worked at Burnley Football Club on match days. He added: “They are aware of things because he was arrested at the football club or shortly before he was due to start work.”