Police clampdown on dangerous bikers in Padiham

Police clampdown on dangerous driving.Police clampdown on dangerous driving.
Police clampdown on dangerous driving.
A police operation to rid the streets of unsociable motorbike and moped drivers has been stepped up this weekend.

Following complaints from local residents about motorbikes and mopeds driving along the Greenway in Padiham, the local police team paid extra attention to the area and surrounding streets.

"Whilst in the area PC 2838 Ellis spotted a moped driving on the Greenway and gave chase on foot," said a police spokesman. "The perpetrator ended up slipping on one of the grass verges and was caught by the officer.

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"The moped was seized by the police and taken away with the suspect being reported for summons for motoring offences.

"While we acknowledge that there are still other offenders doing the same in the area with no thought for the safety of anyone, including children and disabled people who use the Greenway, at least one has now been stopped.

"The local police team will continue to work towards combating the problem so if you see or know of anyone doing this please let us know; don't let the few spoil it for the majority of decent residents in the area."