Police car vandalised after more than 50 youths ejected from Burnley house party

More than 50 youths – many aged only 15 years old – had to be ejected from a house party in Burnley over the weekend.

Police were called to the party in Grange Street at around 10-30pm on Friday.

While officers were dealing with a fight inside the premises, a marked police car had its tyres slashed and windscreen smashed.

Police are now asking parents if they know where their children were on Friday night.

The marked police car had its windows smashed and tyres slashed

A police spokesman said: "In these current times of Covid-19, what were these youths thinking gathering in such a small space?

"What were they thinking damaging a police vehicle, which will now be off the road for several weeks at a time when we need it the most?

"Do you know where your kids were on Friday evening?

"Anyone with information regarding the damage to the police car, please contact Burnley neighbourhood policing team on [email protected] alternatively you can contact 101 quoting reference LC-20200605-1467."