Overseas veteran steps in to pay for damage after vandals strike at Burnley based project that is a lifeline for ex servicemen and women

An overseas veteran has offered to pay for damage caused by vandals at a Burnley based project that offers a lifeline to former servicemen and women trying to get their lives back on track.

The kind offer came in from the veteran after he heard about the incident on Monday. (January 3rd)

Vandals caused damage to the roof and threw an old chimney pot through the gym window at Bancroft House, home to Healthier Heroes. The damage put the gym facilities out of use.

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Earlier in the evening, Andy Powell, who runs the organisation spotted three youths on the roof of the building in Elizabeth Street and he believes the two incidents could be connected.

Andy Powell of Burnley based Healthier Heroes which was targeted by vandals this week

Andy said: " I very politely asked them to not do it again as they could be hurt or seriously injured but I was met with a barrage of abuse and foul language."

CCTV at the property is now being looked at to try and identify the culprits.

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Fellow veteran Terry McDonald of Premier Roofing and Cladding stepped in to fix the damage on the roof and Andy is now waiting for a price for the glass to repair the window.

Andy said: "The incident left me fuming but I am grateful to help from the veterans' community."

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In December Healthier Heroes celebrated its first anniversary with a black tie ball that raised £3,000.

In its first year Healthier Heroes has helped 68 homeless veterans and supported 27 still living at its headquarters and the organisation's two move on properties. Healthier Heroes as also supported 70 families within the community.