Jealous Barnoldswick husband slashed marital bed with chainsaw as he suspected partner was cheating

A terrified mum leapt out of bed as her jealous husband set about slashing it with a chainsaw, accusing her of sharing it with another man, a court heard.
The defendant appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' CourtThe defendant appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' Court
The defendant appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' Court

Drunk Anthony Fancy (52) burst into the room as Sarah Ford-Fancy, his partner of nine years, was in bed watching television at the matrimonial home in Barnoldswick

Blackburn magistrates were told how Fancy, who had been out watching football, was "grumpy" when he got home. He had got it into his head that his wife had had another man in the marital bed, after seeing something on an iPad.

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Fancy had gone out for a smoke, got the chainsaw from the shed, started it up and began slicing up the sheets and mattress as the victim lay in bed.

He has now been spared jail over the incident, after the magistrates heard how Mrs Ford-Fancy, who described the defendant as her "soulmate", has been pining for him, wants him back and didn't want him locking up.

Prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann told the hearing Fancy and Mrs Ford-Fancy's son came back from the football about 10pm. The defendant went outside and she and Mr Farrell heard a noise like a chainsaw, which came closer.

The victim described how the bedroom door then flew open, Fancy was stood there with a chainsaw in his hands and came towards her. He was slashing down with the saw, cutting into the bedsheets. The defendant accused her of having sex with someone else in the bed and the saw then seemed to stop as it got caught in the sheets.

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Mrs Ford-Fancy stated her husband had never once raised a fist or hurt her, always protected her from harm and was calm and placid.

In her statement, she said: "He is my best friend, soulmate and confidante. He did not want to hurt me. He was aiming his anger and frustration at the bed which he thought I had been sharing with another man, which is not true. I have suffered separation anxiety. My days are empty. I pine for him. I want to get out marriage back on track."

Glen Smith (defending) said Fancy came to a conclusion in his mind when he made a discovery on an iPad and felt betrayed.

The solicitor continued: "His anger was focussed on the bed where he thought things had happened. There was no intent to harm her but it would have scared her and her son."

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Fancy, who has been staying with a friend, admitted affray on April 16th, and had been banned from on-licence premises in Barnoldswick at the earlier hearing.

The defendant, of Westfield Road, Barnoldswick, was told by the Bench there had been a real risk of serious injury and the offence was premeditated.

He received six months in custody, suspended for a year, which the justices said was because of the references and remorse. The defendant was also given 20 days' rehabilitation and 80 hours unpaid work and must pay a £115 victim surcharge and £85 costs.