Isis supporter from Nelson told to expect long prison sentence

A Nelson man has admitted terrorism charges has been told to expect a lengthy prison sentence.
Husnain Rashid (left) and Prince George.Husnain Rashid (left) and Prince George.
Husnain Rashid (left) and Prince George.

Islamic State supporter Husnain Rashid (32) has admitted encouraging terrorism by using a Telegram messaging group to call for an attack on Prince George, following a change of plea half-way through his trial at Woolwich Crown Court.

The jury were absent when prosecutor Annabel Darlow asked that Rashid be re-indicted on four of the counts.

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He pleaded guilty to all, without betraying any emotion in the dock.

The prosecutor then asked Judge Andrew Lees to lay the remaining the charges on file, as the dissemination charges are "subsumed" by the charges he had admitted and it was "not in the public interest" to proceed to trial on the basis of the final charge alone.

Judge Lees told the defendant of Leonard Street: "For the past week I have listened to the most disturbing allegations. You have admitted these allegations of encouraging others to commit terrorist activities and publishing statements to encourage the killing of others.

"It is inevitable that you will receive a very lengthy prison sentence and there will be a consideration of a life prison sentence," the judge added. "The question of your future dangerousness and the protection of the public is a matter that I will have to give very careful consideration."

Rashid will be sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on June 28th, Judge Lees said.