Heartless vandals trash hanging baskets set to be sold for Pendleside Hospice

Heartless vandals have destroyed hanging baskets on a Burnley allotment that were due to be sold to raise money for Pendleside Hospice.

Members of Reedley Hallows Allotment holders were devastated on Saturday morning when they arrived to find that vandals had broken into one of their allotments overnight on Windermere Avenue and destroyed 42 out of 50 hanging baskets destined to be sold in aid of the hospice.

The baskets were systematically taken off the wire where they were hanging, up-ended and deliberately trashed.

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The sale of the surviving few wnet ahead alongside a sale of surplus perennial and vegetable plants that allotment holders and friends brought along and donated for sale.

Some of the damaged hanging baskets

An upset supporter said: "This was a disgusting and meaningless thing to do. Not only has it deprived the hospice of much needed funds, but the man who makes up the baskets has spent hours and hours planting and creating them ready for the sale and someone senselessly and viciously destroyed them. It's terrible.

"The hospice will still receive some money, although less than the allotment society had hoped, because of the takings from the surplus plant sales.

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"There were also some donations from people who arrived hoping to buy a basket but who were then disgusted to learn what had happened, and witnessed the mindless destruction for themselves.

"There are some very kind people in this world but also some who are very wicked."

The matter has been reported to the police.