Drunk and drugged-up teen trapped man under his car

A teenage drunk, drugged-up and dangerous driver who hit a pedestrian and trapped him under his car, has been locked up.
Burnley Magistrates' CourtBurnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Morgan Williamson was found to have more than twice the legal limit for alcohol, over seven times the limit of the main metabolite of cocaine and more than twice the limit of cocaine in his system after he struck Jake Pollard in Burnley, a court was told.

Mr Pollard, of Barnoldswick, was left pinned under the Vauxhall Corsa Williamson was at the wheel of on Hammerton Street in Burnley and passers-by dashed to help him and lifted it off him. The victim, who is in his early twenties, had been walking down the street at 4-50am when the crash happened.

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The defendant, of Bear Street, Burnley, had earlier appeared at the town's magistrates' court, where he admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

The 19-year-old had also pleaded guilty to allegations of driving with a proportion of a specified controlled drug above the specified limit - 374 microgrammes of benzoylecgonine, when the limit is 50 microgrammes per litre of blood -and 24 microgrammes of cocaine, against the limit of 10 microgrammes per litre of blood.

Williamson had further admitted driving with excess alcohol - he blew 72 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath when he was breathalysed. The legal limit is 35.

District Judge James Clarke, who had imposed an interim disqualification on the defendant at the lower court, had committed him for sentence to Burnley Crown Court.

Judge Beverley Lunt has now sent Williamson to detention for 32 months and banned him from driving for two years and four months. He had no previous convictions.