Drug addict stole perfume

A shoplifter with 133 offences on her record struck again and helped herself to perfume worth £200.

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Burnley magistrates heard how drug addict Diane Caswell (42) was seen in TK Maxx, removing plastic boxes from fragrances and concealing them. She then put the scents in her bag and left, but was detained outside.

The court was told she was found to have a small box containing razor blades on her and admitted she had used them to cut the packaging from the fragrances. She owned up when questioned.

The defendant had been convicted of 83 previous offences of theft and in June was sent to prison.

Caswell, of Sandhurst Street, Burnley, admitted theft in the town on November 30th. She received a three-month community order, with a three-month drug rehabilitation requirement and must pay £85 costs and a £30 fine.


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Mr Jonathan Taylor (defending) said when Caswell was released from prison in August, she went into residential rehab and found it very difficult. She had been involved in group work and counselling sessions which looked back at her childhood.

The solicitor added: "A lot of things that had happened to her she would rather forget, but they were trying to prise open that particular door in order to help her. When that particular door has been opened, it has led to her heaving a breakdown as a result of things she has tried to push to the back of her mind for a long period of time."