Cruel burglars steal irreplaceable WW1 medals and £20k jewellery in Pendle raid

Callous thieves raided a property in Salterforth and escaped unseen with priceless First World War medals and precious jewellery worth an estimated £20,000.

The priceless medals stolen
The priceless medals stolen

The intruders targeted the house in broad daylight - some time during 2pm and 4-30pm yesterday (Thursday) while the occupants were collecting their children from school.

Among the items stolen were cherished First World War medals belonging to the occupant's great grandfather, a snuff box and mouth piece of a meerschaum pipe, an OBE medal and an assortment of jewellery ranging from Victoria/Edwardian times, solitaire diamonds, a platinum engagement ring with three diamonds, a gold engagement ring with three diamonds and other pieces of jewellery including expensive watches. In addition, other goods taken include a Samsung S5e tablet, an air rifle, and Xbox One and an axe used to break into the shed.

Police investigations are continuing into the incident, but anyone who witnessed any suspicious behaviour or has information leading to the whereabouts of the stolen goods is urged to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

The stolen air rifle


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The mouthpiece of a meerchaum pipe