Burnley gets crime fighting cash boost to help make streets safer

Burnley is one of only two areas in Lancashire to receive funding to help reduce crime and make communities safer.
The Safer Streets funding will be used in specific crime hot spots in BurnleyThe Safer Streets funding will be used in specific crime hot spots in Burnley
The Safer Streets funding will be used in specific crime hot spots in Burnley

The Safer Streets funding will be used in specific crime “hot spots” and will be aimed at making residents feel safer in their homes.

New CCTV networks, motion sensor lights, secure gates and doors and motorbike barriers are just some of the measures that could be implemented in parts of the Bank Hall and Burnley Wood areas.

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The two areas, which each cover a small number of terraced rows, were chosen because of their high rates of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The funding will only be available to be used within the two areas and, given the limited resources, it will be targeted at the most “vulnerable” properties.

The council, police and other partners will be contacting residents in the areas affected shortly to explain more about the scheme and how it will be implemented.

The streets (or parts of them) covered by the initiative are:

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Burnley Wood – Branch Road, Brunswick Street, Dall Street, Emily Street, Glebe Street, Hollingreave Road, Hornby Street, Kirkgate, Parkinson Street, Parliament Street, Plumbe Street, Reed Street and Springfield Road.

Bank Hall – Albert Road, Belvedere Road, Forest Street, Godley Street, Hart Street, Hawk Street, Hobart Street, Hunslet Street, Leyland Road, Lindsay Street, Ridge Road, Sandhurst Street, Talbot Street and Thurston Street.

It follows a successful joint bid from Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to the Home Office with support from Burnley Council, Lancashire Police and other partners for £550,000 of funding from the national Safer Streets initiative.

Joanne Swift, the council’s head of streetscene, said: “It’s wonderful that we have been successful in getting the full amount we bid for and shows the hard work of all those involved.

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“This money will help make people in the selected areas feel safer and more secure. It will mean they can install extra security measures in their homes as well as wider measures to make their community safer.

“We will be working closely with residents in the streets covered by this initiative over the coming weeks and months to make sure this funding is used effectively and efficiently and has the biggest positive impact possible.”

Joanne Dann, chairman of Pennine Lancashire Community Safety Partnership, said: “This funding will help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in these areas and improve the quality of life for the people who live there by using simple but effective measures to deter criminals and make their lives more difficult. This award is a real achievement and reflects the commitment to joint working of the partnership.”

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw said: "I am consistently told by Lancashire residents that tackling theft and burglary in their areas should be a priority for Lancashire Police.

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“These crime prevention measures are proven to work and will make criminals think twice before engaging in illegal activities. It was clear from research done by my office that simple measures such as alley gates, CCTV and better locks on doors can reduce crime significantly.

“I want the people of Lancashire to feel safe in their communities and homes and the prevention measures this funding will put in place will go some way to doing that."

Local neighbourhood inspector for Burnley, Damian Pemberton, said: “Targeting opportunistic thieves and burglary has, and will continue to be a neighbourhood priority for Burnley.

“The money gratefully received from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office and the Government will go towards a catalogue of excellent extra security measures for those most affected by this crime type in our community, and will hopefully offer peace of mind for a number of our residents.

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“We hope that this sends a strong message to those who feel entitled to target the vulnerable that we will not tolerate it, and will continue to work as one to disrupt organised crime in Burnley.

"We would encourage anyone who is yet to sign up to In the Know to please do so to keep updated on local policing initiatives, submit local intelligence to us and work together with the police on the matters that mean the most to you – www.stayintheknow.co.uk."

The funding will be used in a three-strand approach to improving the areas security and resilience to crime:

Place: Through a combination of alleygating, improved CCTV and green space improvements the areas themselves will be improved to remove the sense of vulnerability that attracts crime to the area.

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People & Property: Residential properties will be offered bespoke home security improvements, from improved locks and new back doors where appropriate, to improved security lighting, improved back gates, and home security kits.

Awareness Raising: Running alongside practical and infrastructure projects we will be looking to engage residents through existing local networks to increase resilience and awareness in the community and add sustainability to the project. This will include a newsletter, resident crime survey, and awareness raising sessions.