Burnley dad attacked shopkeeper over 'customer service'

A disgruntled dad-of-two attacked an assistant when he thought he wasn’t getting good customer service in his local shop in Burnley, a court heard.

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court

Jonathan Stanworth (30) pushed Ayaz Khursheed in the chest and then punched him in the jaw, in the violence over the counter at the convenience store on Colne Road. The victim didn’t suffer any lasting injury, but was in pain and the incident shook him up.

Mrs Alex Mann (prosecuting) told the town’s magistrates the victim was working in the shop at about 5-30pm. He was covering for a friend and was behind the counter talking to someone on the phone. Stanworth went to the counter to buy something and Mr Khursheed told him he would be there in a minute.

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The prosecutor continued: "He didn’t seem happy with this and started shouting and swearing at him.”

Stanworth then pushed Mr Khursheed hard in the chest, causing the victim to lean over the counter and push him back. The defendant then swung a punch, catching Mr Khursheed in the jaw and causing him some pain.

The defendant was identified from CCTV, said he felt he had been provoked, but apologised in interview.

Mr Sardar Asghar (defending) said he had been going to the shop all his life and knew the owner, who was away in Pakistan at the time, very well.

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The solicitor said the defendant had challenged Mr Khursheed about his customer service and that led to them arguing.

Mr Asghar added: "He accepted his guilt in police interview. He’s cooperated with the police and demonstrated genuine remorse. He was very upset this morning.”

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The defendant, of Ivan Street, Burnley, admitted assault by beating on August 8th. He was fined £40, with a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Sentencing, chairman of the Bench Mr Graham Jagger told Stanworth: "The gentleman concerned shouldn’t expect to be treated like that.” The defendant replied: "Absolutely not.”