Anger after Clitheroe Nativity scene damaged less than 12 hours after installation

Vandals have damaged Clitheroe's Nativity scene - less than 12 hours after it was installed at the Clitheroe Castle gates.

For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic, members of Clitheroe Town Council decided to unveil the beautiful stable and nativity scene outdoors after it was displayed indoors last year to prevent vandals and thieves from destroying it.

Despite a perspex screen and less than 12 hours after it's installation, offenders struck stealing figurines and littering the historic scene with sweet wrappers.

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Police have been contacted and the council has asked that anyone with any information should contact 101.

The beautiful nativity scene before it was struck by vandals

Clitheroe Town Mayoress, Donna O'Rourke is upset with the damage caused. She said: "Disappointed is an understatement!

"The perspex was forced open, but luckily it has not broken. The figures were tipped over and sweet wrappers left behind. We removed the figures as it went dark yesterday (Thursday) to try and discourage any further damage. People were keen for the figures to be returned to the ‘stable’. Myself and Simon (Clitheroe Town Mayor) have been fighting for this since last Christmas. We really appreciated Clitheroe's Rose and Crown Pub's offer to have the historic scene inside their venue, but this was a temporary solution.

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"Simon has managed to get the crib donated for free from Empress Fencing. He got the perspex from H20 designs and Clitheroe security had already offered to fit a camera and an alarm the following day. All these people have offered their services for free and it is just frustrating that after less than 12 hours it has been broken into. It's so sad and upsetting."

She added: "I am so sorry to anyone who may have been planning to visit it, but I will let you know when it is up and running again."